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At the bottom of Nantucket’s Main Street, at the fountain, you’ll find the Nobby Clothes Shop sitting at the corner. The bench in front of the store is a great place to stop and look up Main Street and reflect on a landscape that appears pretty much like you would have seen it 100 years ago. It is a Main Street that was built by islanders and island transplants from all over the globe. They were a hearty group of men and women with a tradition of hard work and a commitment to maintaining the beauty and history of this special island for natives, and "washashores", alike.  We are proud to be part of this tradition since 1930 when our doors first opened. Our building was once a chaotic, bustling warehouse, with the enormous doors thrown open so exhausted whalers could bring in their hard won cargo. We now offers a much more serene environment where we welcome shoppers year round. We carry a full line of men’s ready to wear apparel and footwear for the whole family. One of the must sees of Nantucket is the collection of clothing in the color known as “Breton Red”. Originally made famous by French sailors wearing clothing in this distinctive shade, American sailors later adopted the fashion and now you can find this color being worn all over the world.  Beloved by sailors AND landlubbers, you can find a complete collection of “Breton Red” clothing in the Nobby Shop. Don’t miss our second floor where we carry a full line of work wear gear.  You can find just about anything you need to get the job done here-whether your particular job is landscaping, painting, building or all of the above. Our family is proud to say that we have been welcoming visitors and islanders to the Nobby Shop for 85 years.  We hope to welcome you soon. Hours are Monday, Wednesday through Saturday from 10am-5pm. Sunday 10am-4pm.  We are closed on Tuesday through the winter.

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